1. chiouart:

    Hey Guys! Help me reblog and share this cool thing!

    Another student film I was asked to share, all done by some amazing friends- Sharon Huang, Aurry Tan, and Michael Yates! also known as Giñu Force.

    It’s about a young female luchador aspiring to be like her hero must learn to accept her flaws when she faces a terrifying opponent.

     The film isn’t released yet but they’ll be sharing hella cool concept work and snippets like above until they do! 

    They’ll posting all that stuff on their fb page!!  CHECK IT OUT!! 

  2. I have been working on a short film for the past 15 months with Michael Yates and Aurry Tan here at Ringling. It is finally finished! Please like our Facebook page for “The Legend of the Flying Tomato”. We will be posting some artwork and 3D breakdowns leading up to the public release in a few months.

    Please like and share our Facebook page!


    More updates to come :)


  3. symphony-ofshadows asked: Heyy, any suggestions or tips for budding art people? :) I can't seem to get people right. Especially facial features

    Hello! I am definitely no expert in drawing facial features myself, but doing drawings from life definitely will help you improve. Go people sketching in cafes, restaurants etc… and force yourself to observe first before diving into drawing. Hope this helps :)

  4. Render week… #animator #thesis #animation

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